How many Growtopia Diamond Locks can you buy at Eznpc?

One of the very best features of Growtopia is its very energetic neighborhood. You won’t have an issue inviting individuals to sign up with or aid you. They likewise offer pointers on just how you can be successful in this video game.

For those who are not acquainted with the game, here’s the gameplay of Growtopia on the PlayStation 4 platform.

Growtopia items

If you had a few minutes to get as many Growtopia Diamond Locks as possible, what would you get?

Later this month, we invited a Growtopia player to populate the Eznpc library with all the games they can click. And we will pay.

As part of the game show, we are running The Steam Speedrun proposed by Eznpc. Steam Speedrun is an exciting part of celebrations and programming, and we queued up as part of the event. This is what we broadcast from the TV station at the Ace Hotel Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

This similar test of consumer skills and APM has two aspects: our contestants must click quickly because they only have 3 minutes to buy as many Growtopia Diamond Locks as possible at Eznpc. They will shop wildly on the stage, watched by thousands of people, cheer and playfully laugh at their choices. (And they wo n’t be able to buy bundles, because that will ruin the fun.)

If you are ready for the challenge and you live in or near Los Angeles, you can participate in this year’s competition in Steam Speedrun hosted by Eznpc. The input method is as follows:

Submit a video with the hashtag #pcgamingshow on Twitter and tell us what you will do with unlimited Steam money for a few minutes. The video length must be at least 10 seconds.
You must be able to participate in the PC game show in Los Angeles on Monday, June 13.

For details of all exciting competitions and legal qualification information, please refer to Thanks to Eznpc for adding exciting content to our event.

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