WOW Classic Battlefield Angels-Priest Talent Guide

A battlefield is a fast-paced place. In addition to some essential talents that must be possessed, it is more about seeking opportunities. U4gm summarizes some of Priest’s experiences on the battlefield through practice and shares it with everyone here.

In the battlefield, the combination of Priest equipment takes the Intellect attribute and Stamina attribute first, and the treatment effect takes second priority, and the rest of the characteristics not considered. All talents that increase healing ignored. Not that they are useless, but that the gain is meager after adding Intellect and Stamina’s equipment.

Take the Spiritual Guidance skill as an example. According to the description, increasing the Spirit attribute can increase spell damage or healing effect by 25%. If your Spirit attribute value is 400, it will raise 100 spell damage and healing effect. It looks cool, but But it cost 5 points of talent. The Spiritual Healing ability only increases the healing effect by 10%, but also requires five skills. For PVE, in a long battle, through continuous accumulation, the increased healing effect is still considerable, but on the battlefield, as long as the healing effect is not too low, it can be.

Applicable conditions
The battlefield or the team that can communicate with each other is the best; it can be alone.

The hub of the battlefield, connecting the front and back rows. Keywords: treatment, dispel, advancement.

First of all, your health should be high. Improved Inner Fire and Spell Warding can protect your self-protection ability. Blessed Recovery reduces the critical strike damage of the enemy. Unbreakable Will can reduce the probability of you controlled by the enemy and must be activated. Survival can create more value, but also let the enemy spend more resources on killing you.

There is nothing more terrible than losing the magic, so please play a more significant role before the spell is exhausted, increase the upper limit of the magic value, and reduce all the talents to reduce the consumption of magic value.

Extra opportunity
Here is the meaning of Blackout talent.
Troll-Priest’s unique ability Shadowguard: Lower mana cost, 3 Shadow damage.
Pastors of other races can use Level 1 Shadow Word: Pain. In conjunction with the Blackout talent, they have a chance to stun their enemies. They also have an opportunity to protect themselves. If they don’t like it, they can choose not to activate Blackout.

Also, all talents that can reduce the healing time of healing skills must fill up. Spirit Of Redemption requires only 1 point to gain immunity to all spells within 10 seconds, and releasing healing spells does not consume mana, which is very strategic. The gift of meaning is also the opportunity to create.

About Power Infusion
All the meaning of this talent lies in teammates. If your team has a mighty magic class, you can choose to activate Power Infusion, which is a bit wasteful to use by yourself.

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