Classic WOW Priest Wilderness Survival Guide-2

In the previous article, U4gm introduced some of the preparations that Priest needs to do before PVP; This article will focus on the analysis of PVP, who is the natural enemy of Priest, the main goal of Priest, and the job that Priest hates most.

Also, most of the PVP players in the wild belong to the same group, so we must first put our minds on the right side, don’t feel that you can’t win by being a therapist. In the right place, choose the right target, and you will also win.

Who is Priest’s natural enemy?
The last thing the Priest wanted to see was Arms-warrior and Fury-warrior. Intercept, Hamstring, Berserk, Death Wish, Mortal Strike, and Recklessness, these skills can end your life very quickly.
Therefore, if you are pre-attacked by Warrior, the first thing to do is to drink a bottle of Free Action Potion at the moment he uses Charge or Intercept against you, and immediately retreat with Goblin Rocket Boots. If you want to fight back, you can use Goblin Rocket Helmet to control him, and find opportunities to use Fear skills for him, use Shadow Word: Pain when appropriate, keep a distance from Warrior, use Mind Flay to attack and reduce his movement speed. If approached by Warrior, use Iron Grenade to pull away again, keeping your Inner Fire and Power Word: Shield, Your tremendous magic value is the backbone of defeat.
Ps: Iron Grenade can only paralyze the target; it cannot stop the Warrior in Berserker Rage state. Although you work hard, you can still kill by Warrior. Avoiding a Warrior that glows and emits murderous energy is the best choice.

Who is Priest’s primary goal?
Mage has the most extensive population base in the game. Due to high competitive pressure, their equipment is generally not sufficient, and most of Mage’s talents are biased towards PvE.
Restorative Potion + Medallion + Fear + Portable Bronze Mortar is our powerful weapon against MagePolymorph. Please use Restorative Potion and Fear first.
When fighting, give priority to dispel the frozen effect, and then dispel Mage’s shield. Of course, you can also use Gyrofreeze Ice Reflector to attack Mage.

Specific operation method: You can use a skill to interrupt Mage first, and then use Mind Blast + Shadow Word: Pain + Mind Flay. With the rapid attack speed of Stormrage, the general Mage can not run for long and will run away. At this time, you only need to keep your distance, use the mount to chase Mage after the war, use Shadow Word: Pain again within the range, dispel the shield on Mage, and release the badge from possible deformation.
Ps: Using Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire can effectively contain Mage. Summoned skeletons have significant damage. Each attack can cause 200 points of damage to Mage, and the attack speed is fast. Use when MageFrost Nova cools down.

Who is Priest’s secondary goal?
There are also a lot of Hunters in the game, but even Hunters with ‘broken-tooth’ pets may not pose a sufficient threat to us. What we need to watch out for is that after Hunter uses Feign Death, Trap + Aimed Shot used on you, and Concussive Shot + Viper Sting is used to fight against you.

Therefore, it is essential to use Free Action Potion and Goblin Rocket Boots first. All attacks of Hunter except Aimed Shot cannot pose a threat to you with Inner Fire and Power Word: Shield. You have only one goal, which is to be close to Hunter. When fighting, I use Wand to destroy Hunter’s Aspect of the Pack. Pet attacks can almost ignore. If you want to use bar reading skills, use Fear on pets first. What if Hunter draws magic value? Mind Blast can defeat him with Wand; Hunter uses Scatter Shot and then uses acceleration items.

Priest’s Most Annoying Occupation
In the face of Rogue’s Ambush skills and uninterrupted control skills, Priest seems very vulnerable, and almost all Rogue regards Priest as a lamb to slaughter. The only thing I can do is find a chance to escape. Goblin Rocket Helmet is a weapon against Undead Rogue. If you are not Dwarf, please take this opportunity to escape. If it is Dwarf, then you Consider using Shadow Word: Pain + Mind Flay + Iron Grenade to fight back. You can use Mind Blast to trick Rogue’s Kick skills, and then treat yourself while maintaining Shadow Word: Pain and Inner Fire. You are not without a chance. Rogue’s body is as vulnerable as you.

The wild survival guide about Priest has shared here. The above content is just the personal experience of U4gm. There are many kinds of PVP battles. Maybe you have a more suitable battle method for you.

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