WOW Classic Shaman PVP Guide – Shaman VS Druids

1 VS 1 PvP comes in many forms. On a PvP server, any time you run across a single player of the other faction it is potentially a one on one situation. Also, running around in the different battlegrounds by yourself you might be in one on one PvP. This section is a reference on how to deal with a specific class.

Druids are an interesting class to fight in PvP. If you get the jump on them, they could be in any one of their many forms. The best strategy with a druid is to treat him as the class that is the equal of the form they are currently in. In cat form they are like rogues, bear form they are like warriors, their racial form as a caster, Moonkins treat as nasty casting tanks, and if you ever see a druid in tree form just /lol at him as you attack. Druids can shift forms quickly to get out of snare effects. Remember your purge spell. Don’t always spam purge, but watch for what spells they are buffing themselves with; good PvP players will use low rank spells to get you to waste mana purging them. Watch their mana bar. If it doesn’t move much, don’t waste your mana purging it. Your best approach depends on what type of shaman you are.

Elemental shamans should start kiting the druid as well as you can. The druid will be shifting out of your frost shocks, and earthbind totems. They will most likely switch into cat form, and rush at you to attack you like a rogue. The strategy here is not to panic. Once you get the druid down in life, he will shift back to his normal form and try to heal. This is when you want to use earth shock, and follow up with a strong lightning bolt. If you are elemental and they switch to Moonkin form, the fight is going to get nasty. They depend on dealing large amounts of damage just like you with spells. They are also going to try to close the melee distance so their attacks can regenerate their mana. I recommend staying out of melee range, and using your instant nukes along with constant low rank totems. Most druids will constantly be destroying your totems. If you can get them to switch away from you for even a second, it will help in the fight.

As a restoration shaman, this could be a long fight. The druid will probably try to tank you down with bear form the moment they see you cast earth shield. If they switch to cat form, they are going to try to get you in a stun unlock – this is a common tactic if you let your life get low. Keep yourself above 50 percent at all times. Use earth shield, water shield and your other spells to slowly wear them down. If you run into a Moonkin as a restoration shaman, your best bet is to turn tail and run. Put some distance between you and the druid. Their ability to regenerate mana with melee attacks is stronger than your water shield. You might stand a small chance if you can keep their heals interrupted, but it is going to be a long fight.

Enhancement shamans have the easiest time with druids. Get up into the druid’s space, and start going off on them. If they are smart, they will switch into bear form to combat your high damage output. Keep yourself healed up, and when they switch out, watch for the heal and earth shock it. Finish them off and go home.

In PVP, Shaman not only needs to prepare potions, but also needs to prepare some small toys, such as Gnomish Shrink Ray or Gnomish Death Ray, which will make the battle smoother. If you don’t have the money to get them, please go to U4gm, where it will be for you. A large number of WOW Classic Gold Europe are available.

For more information, please read the WOW Classic Career Guide

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