How many people in Classic WOW like Grobbulus RP or PvP?

Some people decided to continue using Grobbulus, RP just added more content, most of which will bring more humor, no, I am not discussing the Moonguard retail business.

U4N just figured the open world RP while questing would be more fun than running past someone who’s just hurrying to level up, but rather I quite enjoy the intimacy of an RP server, and no, I’m still not talking about Moonguard. That said, I’d like to know who else is on Grobbulus, what your goals are for yourself.

I have one goal on Grobbulus enjoy the journey and create memories. I will pvp and raid and sometimes just fish in a beautiful spot waiting for the backstab. I am in no rush to get to the raiding content personally my first goals at 60 is get pre raid bis farm gold for the future and grind wintersaber rep after that is all done i will look for a casual raiding guild

Do you notice yourself raiding? I’d like to assume a pleasant line between the RP aspect of the server and on the subject of raid time, and being capable of set aside the RP. Now, to tell you all the truth, I don’t honestly understand what to anticipate. For those of you who’re gambling on Herod, or for whatever purpose chose some other server, why didn’t you need the extra content material of RP? I guess this has induced me to wonder seeing that I simply commenced to assume this way about it the final couple years.

As I noted, i like to assume there might be compatible people who experience open global RP, but while raid time comes, matters get a piece extra critical. Fellow Grobbulus players, is this what you’re hoping for too, or something one of a kind?

To sum it up, what I’m really wondering is, why aren’t more of you interested in RP? To me it just feels like extra content that usually causes a few extra laughs that I otherwise wouldn’t normally get on a non RP server. For those of you that are playing on Grobbulus, do you see yourself raiding?

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